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Who we are

Our investment philosophy of systematic diversification and risk-management is derived from our origins as independent traders. Success in that high-stakes field is determined not by ego or intellect, but by discipline and risk-management. We have codified the best practices of the trading world and applied them to inherently conservative asset allocation portfolios.

Michael Ritger Fortuna Investors

Michael J. Ritger grew up in New Jersey, attended Bates College (BA English ‘02) and the Yale School of Forestry (Master of Environmental Management ‘05). He began his career as an equity analyst, then transitioned to independent trading and writing as a short-seller through the global financial crisis. Michael publishes a monthly newsletter, the Value and Momentum Monitor, where he tracks and comments on trends in the global financial markets. He lives in Jupiter, Florida, where he enjoys fishing, spending time with friends and family, and reading old books. He has passed the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination – Series 65 (May 2003).


Vedant “VK” Mimani grew up in New Jersey, attended Yale University (BA Economics ‘96), and joined Heartland Securities in New York as a trader. He started with $50k of savings as the 2nd worst trader out of 400, and left the firm at the top of the dot-com boom, having learned the discipline of risk management. Transitioning to independent trading, he was an early buyer in the 2000s bull market in precious metals, and while living in India in 2006 was persuaded to move back to the US and start Atyant Capital, a hedge fund with both Indian and gold equity portfolios. He has lived in Florida since 2007, and enjoys traveling with his family, reading, and boxing. He has passed the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination – Series 65 (January 2014).

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