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A steadier path to your financial goals

Fortuna Investors is a boutique portfolio manager that aims to provide better returns with less risk than conventional investment advisors. We practice systematic tactical asset allocation, a field where academic research and empirical testing are used to design portfolios that offer the highest possible returns per unit of risk.

What does this mean? Simply put, our portfolios have a better chance of providing strong returns with less downside through any economic environment. This means more confidence in the future, and a higher likelihood of achieving your return objectives, whether your time frame is three years or thirty. Watch our introductory video here, and learn more about our all-weather strategies below.

Our strategy offerings

Composite tactical strategies
GTAA + Equity Momentum: The Global Enhanced Alpha Portfolios

GTAA: Classic global tactical asset allocation portfolios

Fortuna's guiding principles

A quantitative discipline rooted in rigorous testing and data

Every decision in our investment process is generated by a set of rules. These are not mere guidelines, but exact instructions for when to take positions, the size of those positions, and when to sell. Trading by rules alone, without any influence from our personalities and moods, eliminates noise and confusion from the investment process and ensures that each decision is the statistically optimal one.

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