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How we work

Our interests are aligned with yours

Our goals are to provide you with the best financial planning and portfolio management possible. Your future is our only concern, and your success is our only means to success. We get to know each client personally, and strive to earn their trust and long-term partnership.

We are a “fee-only” financial advisor, which means that we never take sales fees or commissions of any kind. Unlike some firms that double-dip, compromising their advice, our management fee is our only compensation. This aligns our interests with yours, since we only do well when your accounts are invested for the long-run and you stay with us.

Separately managed accounts mean no lock-ups or withdrawal fees

Private accounts are the best structure for investment management, rather than a fund where assets are pooled and gated. Our clients retain possession of accounts in their own names at the largest and most secure institutional brokerage, Interactive Brokers. This provides transparency and accessibility, as you can see in realtime how your money is invested, and can make withdrawals at any time without impediments or penalties.

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